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Replied to Replying on is a bit like being able to comment o… by john john (John’s World Wide Wall Display)

Replying on is a bit like being able to comment on someone’s site from your RSS reader. It is nice to have so many ways & places to chat.

Comment directly.


On own site via webmentions when you want to own your thought or add it to another bubble.
Like this: Like Loading…

One of the things that I notice about Micro.Blogs in regards to your blog John
is the amount of interaction that you seem to get. This post is a prime example.

Some talk about the death of comments, but I feel that comments have changed and evolved. Now there are many things that ‘make a comment’ all tied together with webmentions.

I do wonder though in regards to Micro.Blogs whether it is about the features and affordances of the platform or if it is the community that exists there? Or are they intertwined, somehow learning from each other?

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