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Replied to Blogging by Jim Groom (bavatuesdays)

most folks treat their blog as if it were some kind of glossy headshot of their thinking, whereas the beauty and freedom of blogging was that it was by design a networked tool. Blogging provides a space to develop an online voice, connect with a particular network, and build a sense of identity online in conjunction with others working through a similar process. Scale in many ways became a distraction, one which was magnified to such a degree by the hype around MOOCs in edtech that anything less that 10s of thousands of โ€œusers,โ€ โ€œlearners,โ€ โ€œparticipants,โ€ followers,โ€ etc. was tacitly considered somehow less than optimal for effective online learning. It was, and remains, a symptom of the capital-driven ethos of Silicon Valley that places all value on scale and numbers which is rooted in monetizationโ€”a reality that has infected edtech and helped to undermine the value and importance of forging an independent voice and intimate connections through what should be an independent media of expression. When scale is the endgame the whole process becomes bogged down in page views, followers, and likes rather than the freedom to explore and experiment with your ideas online. Itโ€™s a uniquely web-based version of Hell where the dominant form of communication online is a Medium think piece written by your friendly neighborhood thought leader.

This is a useful reflection on blogging and the distraction of scale Jim. To me, this relates to Bill Ferriter’s point about audience. Lately, I have stopped sharing everything everywhere POSSE style and really returned to writing stuff on my blog.

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  1. Yeah, itโ€™s funny cause it seems obvious, but what I have found is the shift towards the polish and gloss has been subtler than one would think. I starts with folks using fancy WordPress themes, or featured images, and soon enough their posting a 10 point treatise self-help treatise on workflows and efficiency. Itโ€™s a slippery slop, and they only really way to resist this is to stick with the TwentyTwelve theme and bog like its your job.

    What am I doing, Aaron? I freaking blogging!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention itโ€™s got to be fun, the web is a serious place right now, and that can bore me quickly.

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