🎧 James Murphy: Sex & Drugs & Northern Soul (Curious Creatures)

Listened https://curiouscreaturespodcast.com/?p=197 from curiouscreaturespodcast.com

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) joins Lol and Budgie on this episode of Curious Creatures. Budgie and Lol discover that James knows all about the English Doom. They discuss the Power of newness. Limitations are good now, everyone thinks they’re cool. James says he loves Lol and Budgie (and they love him back). Later Lol and Budgie discover leather pants.

In an interview with Lol Tolhurst and Budgie on the Curious Creatures podcast, James Murphy discussed how when he started out, he would begin his sets with an instrumental during which he would do soundcheck. This made me think about Damian Cowell’s discussion of prog rock and the place of equipment in music.

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