📺 Jacob Collier: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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Watch four different Jacob Colliers perform simultaneously in the same studio in this unprecedented Tiny Desk quarantine concert.

As the current crisis has continued to evolve, it has been interesting to see artists adapt to the new surroundings. Some artists have been produced raw stripped back versions of their songs. However, artists started putting together richers performances by performing together in difference spaces.

See for example Elbow’s #elbowroom series:

Or Powderfinger’s One Night Lonely.

Although these performances are not always live (in Powderfinger’s case it, the performance was ‘live-streamed‘), they give the impression that everyone is actually together.

However, lately more and more artists have been giving up on the perception of a live performance and instead concocting elaborate presentation. For example, Kevin Parker takes on multiple parts in his performance on the Stephen Colbert Show.

However, it feels like Jacob Collier takes this to a whole new level on the Jimmy Kimmell Show, where he performs live in the bathroom and uses the mirrors to bring in other artists.

This is something that he has a long history with, recording multi-part videos:

His Tiny Desk continues this trend. What makes this unique is that he put together a multi-part presentation in his room across three songs. Each ‘Jacob’ is a full-length performance, which took six days of planning to bring together.

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