📑 Is this the end of anonymity?

Bookmarked Is this the end of anonymity? | Zygmunt Bauman for Social Europe (the Guardian)

Zygmunt Bauman for Social Europe: From micro-drones to the internet, technology is invading the private sphere – with our encouragement

Zygmunt Bauman’s discussion of drones and anonymity reminds me Black Mirror episode Hated in the Nation. I am also left thinking about social credit and where that sits with all this.


As for the “death of anonymity” courtesy of the internet, the story is slightly different: we submit our rights to privacy to slaughter on our own will. Or perhaps we just consent to the loss of privacy as a reasonable price for the wonders offered in exchange. Or the pressure to deliver our personal autonomy to the slaughter house is so overwhelming, so close to the condition of a flock of sheep, that only few exceptionally rebellious, bold, pugnacious and resolute wills would earnestly attempt to withstand it. One way or the other, we are however offered, at least nominally, a choice, as well as a semblance at least of a two-way contract, and at least a formal right to protest and sue in case of its breach: something that in the case of drones is never given.

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