๐ŸŽง Is that a pickle โ€ฆ Let’s not argue about definitions

Listened Is that a pickle โ€ฆ Let's not argue about definitions by Jeremy Cherfas from Eat This

To me, a pedant and a purist, a pickle by rights ought to have gone through a proper fermentation. It might have been pasteurised afterwards and bottled, but at some stage it needs to have supported microbial activity. And yet, I donโ€™t think of kombucha as pickled tea or yoghurt as pickled milk. Maybe thatโ€™s because they arenโ€™t salted. Just being boiled in vinegar or soaked in brine doesnโ€™t qualify either, for me.

Luckily Jan Davison, author of Pickles: A Global History, has a much more open mind, which is great, because I learned a lot from her little book. And it gave us plenty to talk about.

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