๐Ÿ“‘ Is Social Media Giving You Value?

Replied to Is Social Media Giving You Value? by Helen Blunden (Activate Learning Solutions)

If itโ€™s not giving you value then consider:

  1. What can you change (tweaks to behaviour, mindset or habits) to hone your filtering skills?
  2. What are the conversations and communities that you enjoy and give you personal satisfaction in participating? Do more of those and delete the rest.
  3. Do you have FOMO?ย Donโ€™t. Trust me, youโ€™re not missing out on anything. Use that time you scrolled your feed to feed your mind with something else.
  4. Do you feel the pressure to show and share everything in the spirit of โ€œworking out loudโ€? Donโ€™t. You really donโ€™t need to.ย  If itโ€™s going to make you feel resentment or unacknowledged, think of what is important to YOU and share that to communities who value your work and who will support, credit and acknowledge it.ย  Much of โ€œworking out loudโ€ actually happens in closed โ€˜safeโ€™ online communities as many people are not comfortable with doing this on the open networks.ย  Seek out those spaces instead.
Helen Blunden reflects on her changing value associated with social media. For Blunden, the conversations, networks and learnings that were so prevalent in the past has become more difficult. She talks about stepping back from the social and distraction to instead focus on the private and personal. Although I have had a similar response of late, I am always reminded that this is not the case for everyone. I also wonder what positive participation might look like moving forward.

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