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Anyone want to collaborate on a slate of IndieWeb-related topics to submit for this? Proposals are due in late January and it would be interesting to have a handful of IndieWeb tech and some of our experiments discussed at this conference.

Thank you Chris for the mention. The OERxDomains Conference definitely sounds like an exciting event. In regards to participating,  I always feel a case of impostor syndrome.

To be honest, although I am in education and work with technology, my current role involves supporting schools with reporting and attendance. A far cry from Higher Education and being technology integrator. My involvement is something of a passion project. I like Brian Lamb and D’arcy Norman discussion of the ‘edtech refugee’ on the 25 Years of Ed Tech podcast, maybe I am a IndieWeb refugee?

In addition to this, the longer I spend hanging around the IndieWeb, the less technical I feel. Although I know more now, I think I know a lot more about what I do not know. Still need to finish reading Smashing WordPress Beyond the Blog that you recommended.

If you (or anyone else) think there is something I can help with, feel free to let me know. Just wanted it known that I am still driving my low down model, used by a little old lady just once a week to blog.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    I do not think you need to worry about imposter syndrome. I went along to OER 16 where I was allowed to do some podcasting I was made very welcome. The whole conference was really exciting. Although the majority of folk there were in higher ed I didn’t feel uncomfortable being a primary teacher. A repeated thread was that open meant many different things can could be taken many different ways. I think presenting about your blog and how it work for you would make a great session. I certainly have alway thought of it as an essential open educational resource.

  2. Aaron, definitely throw a bucket of water on your smouldering imposter syndrome.

    If you take a look at some of ALT’s past conferences, you’ll come to realize that they’re one of the most kind and caring groups you’ll probably find on the internet and are more interested in lived experiences than in high-end technical proficiency. This year they’re partnering with Reclaim Hosing to add to some of the Domains portion of the discussion. Within that crowd you’re miles ahead in both how you’re using your website and what you’re using it for.

    I think that some of their content runs toward the HigherEd crowd in part because those people have the funding, support, and more time and bandwidth for it. We definitely need more people like you and John who are working with younger cohorts who need this as much if not more than the older.

    If you’re game for it, have the time, but are at a loss for ideas, I might recommend you consider an experiential talk about where you started out with your domain(s), what you’ve added to it, how you use it as a tool in your daily/weekly work, and the benefit you get out of it. You might also mention your favorite pieces and a bit about the technology that’s running it. Mentioning the community spaces and locations where you’ve found help and support will provide people with some invaluable resources that might otherwise take them years to discover.

    I think people hearing your story, particularly from someone who might not consider themself a programmer, and what you’ve been able to accomplish would be in incredibly powerful one that will help to empower others. This is exactly the sort of thing for which this conference exists.

    John, apologies that I somehow managed to leave you off the ultimate list I published, but I think I had to rewrite the post and list out three different times for an odd saving-related quirk I’ve been having since I upgraded to WP 5.6 that’s driving me crazy. I’m glad you managed to see it through Aaron’s post, which as fate would have I missed the webmention notification from, but fortunately saw through your feed.

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