๐Ÿ’ฌ Imagining the #IndieWeb Version of WikiTribune

Replied to Imagining the #IndieWeb Version of WikiTribune by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com)

Chris’s post and my recent experience with WikiTribune got me thinking about an IndieWeb version. The presmise would have to be publishing what you read or is worthwile reading from your own site. Some folks may use aย bookmark,ย like, or even experimental post types such as a “read” post.

You would then opt-in to “what to read” using your domain. Then you would be asked to enter the url to your feed.ย Microcast.clubย work like this already.

All of your posts in the feed would be parsed and then added to a firehose chronological feed. There would also be one generated using th frequency of links and webmentions. So if an article gets shared by n+1 people it gets a bump, if a post getsd a webmention it gets a bump. The feed could then refresh at specific times of the days.

I love this idea Greg. I really like what Nuzzel offers in regards to capturing links and feel that this is something that would be really useful as the community grows. I also wonder where this fits with reimagining readings and recommendations captured in spaces like Goodreads?

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