💬 Idiots With Guns

Replied to Idiots With Guns (Daily-Ink and Pair-a-dimes un-post-ed)

So let’s be realistic and while tolerating the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ mantra of the networks, remove some of the poison being spread by these idiots. Take away their identity and fame… a small price they deserve to pay for taking away people’s lives.

David, this reminds me of Zeynep Tufekci call to stop feeding copycat scenarios.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Aaron, I love this point by Tufekci, “We know how to cover terrible news like this, without doing it on the killer’s terms.”

    This is the essence of idea of calling these people idiots. Don’t just omit what they want, but actually belittle their actions and profile… Tell potential copycats that they will not be glorified in any way.

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