👍 I am eternally grateful for my humble arts degree

Liked I am eternally grateful for my humble arts degree (The Sydney Morning Herald)

After noting that this particular course had not yet produced an eminent historian, he went on …

What we have done is graduate the finest thinkers in the land. People who can dissect an argument, analyse it, and provide meaningful and insightful comment. People who can convincingly argue a case, based on detailed and highly credible research … People who can make a difference to the world by understanding … This is why universities were established. We can only develop new learning through understanding basic learning. So if you’ve come here to earn the title of ‘historian’ then I’m afraid I am likely to disappoint you . . . But if you’ve come to learn to think critically and analytically, and to conduct research in support of that thinking – then I think we may be able to help you!

Manning Clark’s point was irrefutable.

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