💬 Hypergraphia: The Neurological Condition Behind Excessive Writing

Replied to Hypergraphia: The Neurological Condition Behind Excessive Writing (Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet.)

What makes someone obsessively journal every moment of their life? In some cases, it might actually be hypergraphia, a condition tied to a neurological trait.

Ernie, this was fascinating and has me thinking about my own practices to organise the web or world. I always thought that it was a ‘blogging’ thing, but as I reflect upon my time in university, I worked as a cleaner. Working alone, I would often come home with scraps of paper on which I had written down quick thoughts.

I really like how J. Hillis Miller captured this. he argued that we have an obligation to write. He suggested that reading and teaching are completed by writing, that it is a core element to our transaction with language. As he stated:

As we read we compose, without thinking about it, a kind of running commentary or marginal jotting that adds more words to the words on the page. There is always already writing as the accompaniment to reading.

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