๐Ÿ“‘ Victorian State Education System โ€ฆ from Peter Hutton

Bookmarked The Victorian State Education Systemโ€ฆfrom the inside out and the outside in. by Peter Hutton (LinkedIn)
Establishing and leading one of the most progressive and innovative schools in Australia, and if the Finnish based HundrED organisation are to be believed, one of the most innovative in the world, I have often been asked what is my relationship with the DET
Former principal of Templestowe College, Peter Hutton, reflects on his connection with the Victorian Department of Education. One quote that caught my eye was this:

Unless there are parental complaints, if the schoolโ€™s numbers are stable or growing and your data is tracking ok, essentially DET allow you to innovate and do as you please. I have loved this level of professional autonomy and dare I say trust shown by DET in itsโ€™ Principals. Not really the ogre that people sometimes suspect. In fact many senior staff have provided me with encouragement and professional support during the more innovative years at TC.

I have heard Hutton present before. It will be interesting to see where his ‘EdRevolution’ goes and grows.

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