📑 Human After All: Finding the Others

Bookmarked HUMAN AFTER ALL: FINDING THE OTHERS – 032c (032c.com)

What emerges through Team Human is not a revolutionary message of overturning the tables and violently taking to the streets. What Rushkoff suggests in terms of action is almost prosaic: being visible, engaging in protests, participating politically and developing new platforms, engaging purposely with the natural world, reforming corrupt institutions and building better ones. The core message seems to be that we just need to participate more. “It’s not an activist blueprint,” he admits. “It’s a call for something more fundamental than that. I would think activism, direct activism, social change and social justice work would be an obvious next step. But I’m asking that people retrieve these essential human values, and that then necessitates a whole lot of action. In some sense, it’s a pre-activist message. But if you don’t value humanity, if you don’t value yourself and these connections with others, then I don’t know if that will ever get there.”

Douglas Rushkoff is profiled in 032c by William Alderwick. This includes a discussion of his latest book, Team Human.

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