🎧 How ultra-processed food took over your shopping basket (Long Reads)

Listened How ultra-processed food took over your shopping basket from the Guardian

An ultra-processed food can be reformulated in countless ways, but the one thing it can’t be transformed into is an unprocessed food. Hall remains hopeful that there may turn out to be some way to adjust the manufacture of ultra-processed foods to make them less harmful to health. A huge number of people on low incomes, he notes, are relying on these β€œrelatively inexpensive tasty things” for daily sustenance. But he is keenly aware that the problems of nutrition cannot be cured by ever more sophisticated processing. β€œHow do you take an Oreo and make it non-ultra-processed?” he asks. β€œYou can’t!”

I am not sure I realised how much of my diet is made up of processed food. I actually feel that the Thermomix has changed that and provided an entry point to cooking more foods.

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