๐Ÿ“‘ How to Write a Timely Novel in a World That Wonโ€™t Stop Changing

Bookmarked How to Write a Timely Novel in a World That Wonโ€™t Stop Changing (LitHub)

In short, the zeitgeist is rarely on your side. You write toward it, only to see it evaporate by publication day. And while some authors may catch the moment just right, and honestly, without mercenary intentions, such serendipities of art and chance are accidents, almost always. Those who aim, however earnest or well-intentioned, are doomed to miss the target by a mile.

David James Poissant discusses the challenges of writing time and history in a novel.

Whether youโ€™re Mandel predicting a future that wonโ€™t come true for years, Fitzgerald capturing a moment that wonโ€™t be recognized for decades, or Robison writing a novel so timely it has to be revised, time is a fickle thing, fashions pass, news cycles expire, and relevance is always subjective.

Reflecting on writing his novel Lake Life, Poissant explains how he had to readjust things based on the legalisation of marriage, as well as the changes associated with Donald Trump’s presidency.

This is an interesting read alongside my post on how strange events like the coronavirus provide the opportunity to look at the familiar with new perspective and reimagine a new sense of normal.

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