📑 How to remember more of what you read

Bookmarked How to remember more of what you read by Steve Brophy (Hedge School)

Setting up for Conversational Alchemy

Across a series of posts (1,2,3), Steve Brophy explains his use of Roam Research and the Zettelkasten methodology to develop a deeper dialogue with what he reads. This is broken up into three steps, the initial capturing of ‘fleeting notes‘, rewriting the text in our own words as ‘Literature Notes‘ and the creation of declarative statements in the form of ‘permanent notes. He elaborates this all in the following video:

This has me re-thinking what Mike Caulfield was trying to achieve with Wikity. I am also left thinking about Ryan Holiday’s advice in regards to how to ‘read to lead’, as well as Julie Beck’s point to simply do something. Personally, I think that the biggest challenge is actually capturing the ideas when they arise.

For something a bit longer, find this guide from Thriving Henry, while Dave Winer demonstrates how to achieve the same outcome with Little Outliner.

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