🤔 How Kate Bush’s ‘The Dreaming’ Made My Monsters My Own

Bookmarked How Kate Bush’s ‘The Dreaming’ Made My Monsters My Own (NPR)

The Dreaming is a young artist’s attempt to figure out how making music, and the striving for deeper understanding that work demands, makes her a monster not to others, but to herself – strange in her own body and mind. “If identity is shape carrying story,” the scholar Caroline Walter Bynum wrote in her 1998 study Metamorphosis and Identity, “we need not decide between mind and body, inner and outer, biology and society, agency and essence. Rather we are living beings, shapes with stories, always changing but also always carrying traces of what we were before.” What has been identified as monstrous, Bynum’s words suggest, is simply human, though it has been called fearsome and degraded within hierarchies devised to limit and oppress. The Dreaming is not a perfect work, any more than I lived an ideal or even always defensible life when just starting out in the world. But it fights against this banishment of difference and desire, and I still can feel the ferocity of its roar.

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