😲 How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff

Bookmarked How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff (The Hustle)

The home furnishings giant enlists a maze-like layout, cheap food, and crafty psychology to get you to fill up your cart.

Zachary Crockett explains how Ikea tricks shoppers into buying more. Much of this stems from the layout. As a store, Ikea breaks with common store configurations, such as grid, racetrack, freeform, and spine, to provide a one-way path. This approach does three things:

  1. It forces wider product exposure
  2. It creates a false sense of scarcity
  3. It creates a sense of mystery

In addition to this, there are other tricks, such as strategically placed mirrors, contextual positioning and dirt cheap bins and decoy prices.

Alan Penn, a professor of architecture at University College London, describes this as a ‘submissive experience’. What is intriguing is how much my children love going there as it provides a hands-on experience. I wonder if there has been any research into this?

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