Hi Aaron, thanks for sharing this run through of Glide. I recall seeing it “glide” by a while go in what I call “the mildly interesting” mode.

I’d say first of all I am in favor of people like Alexis taking on the initiative to make something where she sees a need, and not rely on just what we are given. And I think there’s tons of rooms for building from a “database” of Google Sheets (I really liked services like Awesome Table until I found its free tier was utterly crippled). Glide makes reachable what I suspect is using the feature to read data via an API.

Like you’ I’d agree that the feature set looks limited, and I bet Glide apps begin to look quite the same if you start combing through them.

But larger than that, this set is hinged on a stringing together of 3rd party fee-based services (Glide itself, Carrd.co for a simple HTML landing page which would be easy on a self hosted domain) that are suspect to failure if any of the services go under. You know, I know that this is the reason for reclaiming/owning your web content, but moreso, with these high flying “no-code” approaches there seems to be no way to extract/export/migrate your stuff elsewhere.

Thanks for mentioning the calling card themes, I am not sure they are a direct comparison on features. But their WordPress base has the features I have always sought going back to the pre-Cambrian pre-web era of HyperCard. They offer a visual interface for creating custom content that beginners can use but in addition, there is a scripting layer that can be used for someone more experienced to do almost anything. One modality offers a door to the second.

Not everyone wants to take that on, or just dismiss the abilities themselves. But if I was doing something spreadsheet-based, I myself prefer having more of a conceptual understanding and access to what Glide does for you. But there is ever a door for that in hose kind of apps. Rather than code vs no-code, it should be code and/or no-code.

Best to you! I miss getting to connect, or even being able to meet up at ACMI!