📑 How Fish and Chips Migrated to Great Britain

Bookmarked How Fish and Chips Migrated to Great Britain | Atlas Obscura by an author (Atlas Obscura)
But the Friday-night tradition was likely chipless until the late-19th century. The general popularity of the potato bloomed late in Europe, and it wasn’t until the late 1800s that the tuber was accepted, due especially to the promotional efforts of a French scientist. Though there are several theories of how the potato came to England—and how it became the “chip” we know and love today—one historical account credits a tripe vendor by the name of Mrs. "Granny" Duce with selling the first fried cut potatoes to the public.
This was an intriguing thread associated with an Australian cultural institution. Seems ironic to consider that Pauline Hansen could be a part of such a multi-cultural legacy.

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