๐Ÿ“‘ How does technology empower the modern learner?

Bookmarked K-12 DCP Conference (ReconfigurED.)

Anthony Speranza:

When using technology, we need to be careful of rhetoric

It is not the technology that is disruptive, but what we do with the technology that is disruptive

When talking about technology we often get caught up in discussions of *evidence* and *return on investment*. The problem is that benefits can not necessarily be measured in the same way

We can talk about the effect size of technology, but the problem is that this does not capture the different ways that technology is used within the classroom

It is what the teacher does with the technology that will make the ultimate difference

The use of computers is more effective when: there is a diversity of strategies, pre-training, multiple opportunities, student in control, peer learning and feedback optimised.

We have to have the belief that when we implement technology that it will have the desired effects, such as student self-reporting, meta-cognition and clarity of learning

Steve Cutts provides some interesting provocations about technology http://www.stevecutts.com/illustration.html

What do Google’s DeepMind and IBM’s Watson mean for the future of school?

“Today content is ubiquitous and its’ free” Tony Wagner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE5XRrfetu4

52,000,000,000, the estimated number of pages indexed by Google. Growing exponentially

Saroo’s story demonstrates problem-based literacy and numeracy approaches https://www.blog.google/products/maps/google-earth-25-year-search/

Google ‘Talk to Books’ offers a new AI approach to search beyond the indexed web https://books.google.com/talktobooks/

Google Search has changed the way that things are. Now we have technology that not only gives an answer, but also shows the process behind it

Kids today will expect the use of technology

What does it mean when students would rather do YouTube and check out of school?

The qualities required in the 21st Century need to go beyond the traditional foundations https://widgets.weforum.org/nve-2015/WEFORUM

Three stages of educational technology use via Sonny Magana: translational, transformational and transcendent Framework

We need to think about school as it can be

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