๐Ÿ’ฌ Higher Education and Rich People

Replied to Higher Education and Rich People (Blogger)

Look. I’m glad this thing has blown up on them. I hope the whole lot of them are taken down. They disgust me. But it should have happened a long time ago. But it didn’t, and this shows just how tight this nexus is, how close the connections are between billionaires, corporations, government, media, and academia. And they’re not going to be taken down by this, not even by this, because there’s no end to the supply of people willing to give up just a little in order to work for the rich and the powerful.

This is an interesting reflection Stephen. It is easy to say that you would never have followed the same paths, but these paths are complicated where small compromises can compound. I liked your point about being ‘unattractive’.

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