🎧 High as Hope (Florence and the Machine)

Listened Florence and the Machine’s new feminist sensibility from The Economist

At a time when many female performers struggle to combine power and vulnerability, Ms Welch delivers a much-needed complexity. Among this year’s crop of rock, hip-hop and pop singers, successful acts such as Cardi B, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa offer songs about real-life dilemmas but rarely allow the emotional walls and computerised beats to fall away. With β€œHigh As Hope” Ms Welch makes a virtue of her feminism and her pain.

I am really enjoying the subtly of High as Hope. I feel the strength of Florence and the Machine has always been Welch’s voice. The standout track for me on the album is Hunger.

I would place this album on the shelf between Isaac Gracie and Amy Shark.

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