šŸ“· Hey #Teacher, are you a Gardener or Carpenter?

Richard Wells builds upon a preview post. I have written about trees before and the way in which they each grow in their own way, depending on a multiplicity of reasons. Interestingly, Yong Zhao suggests that gardeners are in fact dictators. In part, this is what Bernard Bull touches on when explaining that how we pick the produce impacts what produce we pick. What I find intriguing about gardens is that they do not stop growing if we stop caring for them, something that I learnt when my mother died.

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  1. This is wild! I was recently having a discussion with another teacher about the
    similarities with gardening. One of the other helpful metaphors (for elementary
    teachers) is that the plants are kind of in their own world. Not that we’re not
    in their world at all and that we don’t relate to them, care about them, lift
    them up—but that I think they really just see each other when it comes down
    to it. Their social realm is very important to them and it’s kind of alien to
    us, which is just how it is.
    But I also get the same feeling surveying a lush garden as I do when I step back
    and look at the whole class.

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