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Joel, in trying to create repository based on your blended work published in WordPress, you probably want to use pages if the content is relatively static or structured. You might also want to import this content from an existing site:


Or from YouTube:


I imagine you could use this to really customise the content that you are uploading by working the import files. I had a tinker with this idea, but realised I would need to do more jujutsu with Sheets and XML than time provides

In regards to themes (or anything really), checkout WordPress Beginners for a list of video-based options. Also, I really like the simplicity (although they are not simple) of Alan Levine’s calling card themes. For example, I could imagine you using Dimensions and having the pages represent each of the units.

You also might want to create custom archive pages that captures the different pages. Again, WP Beginners has a guide for that too.

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