🎡 Heard It In a Past Life (Maggie Rogers)

Listened Maggie Rogers from Maggie Rogers
There is something odd about Maggie Rogers first album, an album compiled of both the new and old. Like Amy Shark’s debut, there is an inconsistency throughout. Alaska’s luscious subtly is in contrast to the more upbeat tracks such as Give a Little:

I would not be as critical as Lauren Snapes to question the production.

Whether it’s down to Greg Kurstin, Rostam and Kid Harpoon, or Rogers’ own intentions, her major-label debut is overproduced. Teeming with cicada hiss, beats as tacky as an army of tongues, synths that reverberate like a pigeon cooing down an exhaust pipe, bell-like resonance, and wan R&B runs, it suggests a more sylvan Sylvan Esso, Haim if they’d grown up in Portland, the last traces of residue from a decade of Bitte Orca.

However, as with Shark, I am intrigued by where to next.

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