📑 Hawaii’s Kilauea has been simmering safely

Bookmarked Hawaii’s Kilauea has been simmering safely for 35 years, but now it is destroying homes – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (mobile.abc.net.au)

Hawaii’s Kilauea is not the typical blow-the-top-off kind of volcano — it has been simmering and bubbling for about 35 years, sending super-hot lava spewing up through cracks in the ground, destroying everything in its path even miles from its summit.

One of the things that struck me when I visited New Zealand last year was what it meant to live with the constant threat of geothermal activity. Living in a country with no active volcanoes, it can be easy to take such thibgs for granted. Visiting places like My Eccles almost seems like a novelty. I remember walking around Taupo and see the signs for emergency meeting points. This was something that really hit home when I visited Craters of the Moon, an environment that was only just out of town yet both alive and other worldly.

Craters of the Moon
Craters of the Moon, New Zealand

The recent eruptions in Hawaii and activity at Yellowstone reminded me of this. A reminder that all that is beautiful is often the product of some form of destruction.

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