💬 Greg Miller’s provocation to lead

Replied to Australia Day Eve Provocations (LEARN AND LEAD)

Do what’s hard. Place high expectations on yourself. Take risks. Do something that matters

Great post Greg. So much to take in as we go into the new year. The thing I was left wondering about each of the contexts were the conditions that made leadership possible in each of the scenarios. Whether it be a mandate, some sort of sacrifice or thesupport from those around us, I wondering if we also have a shared responsibility to not only lead ourselves, but also help others lead as well?

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  1. Great wondering. The more I learn about leadership, the more I realise I don’t know. I do believe that each teacher is a leader, because they lead learning for young people. Also, the role of the leader is to nurture and support the leadership in others. Of course, that is also dependent on context, conditions, mandates and sacrifices.

    Thanks Aaron for reflecting and responding.


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