We all strive for authenticity outside of or beyond the system which we are trying to critique. Marten Koomen makes the point that we are all a part of the system whether we like it or not.

We all like to see ourselves as grassroots, we all like to think of ourselves as authentic, and more authentic than the systems in which we work. But as we form networks, connect with the powerful, engage with the corporations, the integrity of any grassroots claim diminishes. Β Whether working in the Department, working for PISA, or working for the VCAA, when you’re in the system, when you are in an organised network, you are the system. And yes, the system has problems, and systems need to be fixed. source

This is somewhat associated with the debate about [[Digital Identity vs. Digital Citizenship]]. I am also reminded of Althusser’s remark that as subjects we are [[always already interpelated]].

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