๐Ÿ“‘ Glenn Savage on Gonski 2.0

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Having taught curriculum theory for many years, my personal view is that I think we need to be careful not to get caught up in curriculum fads that do much to celebrate the notion of transcending so-called โ€˜siloed disciplinesโ€™ in favour of what, in reality, can often be an atmospheric assemblage of dispositions weโ€™re apparently supposed to structure learning around. – Glenn Savage

This continues Savage’s commentary on Gonski 2.0 (see The Conversation and listen to the ABC.) He raises a number of concerns about jumping straight into implementation, arguing that we need to run a number of pilots to test some of recommendations before over-investing. He is also wary of fads and solutions.

I can tell you, Iโ€™ve worked in some of the most disadvantaged schools in the Western world and when I arrived at work in the morning, the challenges I faced werenโ€™t poor kids with fixed mindsets. Instead, I had poor kids who hadnโ€™t had breakfast, who were shivering because their parents couldnโ€™t afford uniforms, or who were suffering trauma from their time in refugee camps. Mindsets had nothing to do with it.

From an ideological point-of-view, he does not think that approaching the document from only one lens offers much. Instead he offers a number of plausible interpretations to demonstrate the possibilities.

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