🎵 Giving The World Away (Hatchie)

Listened Giving The World Away, by Hatchie from Hatchie

12 track album

I love when I stumble on a new find like Hatchie. It came up in my new releases and I gave it a listen. It is one of those albums that draws you in with each listen.

‘Giving the World Away’ reflects Hatchie’s wide-ranging influences, as she blends elements of shoegaze and electronic pop to further fortify a sound of her own. Songs like ‘This Enchanted’ and ‘The Key’ feature the singer’s trademark jangly guitars and big drum fills (played by Beach House percussionist James Barone), sounding big enough to fill a stadium, while closer ‘Til We Run Out of Air’ echoes the sweeping sonics of dream pop pioneers such as Cocteau Twins.

While her influences are not hard to spot – Sky Ferreira, La Roux (on the title track particularly), Mazzy Star, Carly Rae Jepsen – they are configured in imaginative and distinctive new combinations, with lush production care of Jorge Elbrecht.

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