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Replied to Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Learning & Leading by Corrie Barclay (cbarclay.global2.vic.edu.au)

To borrow from my previous post I mentioned that Riss had led us through the “writing process” and shared the the 5 core steps in that process;

  1. Pre writing planning,
  2. Drafting,
  3. Revising,
  4. Editing,
  5. Publishing.

Fair call to say that I skipped step one and went directly to step two. My plan is to now ‘revise’ the above piece (which i’ll be more comfortable in sharing albeit still uncomfortable in doing so), and then edit, and finally publish.

Enjoying your return to the blogosphere Corrie. I was left thinking about you rush to write and wonder if there is still a place for such activities to help stimulate thoughts and ideas? Sometimes having something as a start allows you to easily identify what might be missing and other opportunities that might be available.

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  1. G’Day Aaron. Has been a while!
    A key takeaway for me has been how to help students to better… if that is the correct choice of word, develop ideas across a range of genres. I’ve reflected heavily on how I have taught writing over the years and can countlessly recall students sitting and not putting pen to paper because they “cannot think of anything”. And from this, once they actually do start writing, I critique 80% of their writing by focusing on their spelling, grammar and punctuation. Not ideal. Not overly helpful.
    I believe that the writer’s notebook/workshop model is a great way for students to LEARN to build ideas and facilitate deeper thinking about this.

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