🎧 Get Her Dag On (Damian Cowell Disco Machine)

Listened Damian Cowell: Get Yer Dag On review – TISM frontman lampoons us again, and pines for Waleed Aly from the Guardian

Get Yer Dag On! is the second Disco Machine album, and Micallef and Martin are again present, alongside another stellar roll call of guests: Celia Pacquola, Judith Lucy and many more. There’s a certain irony in there being a sort of identikit anonymity about many of these pounding dancefloor grooves, but that doesn’t matter, because (a) irony is central to everything Cowell does, and (b) he can sing: his melodies and phrasing make many of these songs instantly memorable.

There is something about a joke album (is that what this is?) which allows you to stop and take stock. I have always found that with Cowell’s music.

I like how Michael Dwyer capturesDwyer captures it:

“That’s how I try to work,” he says. “I’ll take something that may be thought-provoking and totally trivialise it, shrink it down to the stupidest concept. I’m always writing about the facade of life and hopefully alluding to what’s beneath it all.”

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