🎧 Seeking Thrills (Georgia)

Listened Georgia: Seeking Thrills from Pitchfork

The second album written, produced, and performed by Georgia Barnes is the work of a budding pop mind finding her own space on the dancefloor.

It feels that Georgia continues with the current trend of turning back to the rich sounds of the 80’s. As Kitty Empire argues,

For all Georgia’s evident respect for club lore, however, this is, at heart, an album of pop rushes in the vein of Chvrches or Robyn. Much of Seeking Thrills gravitates towards the early 80s, where the developments of late 70s clubland ended up filtering into the charts.

Along with Bat for Lashes and Charli XCX, it feels like this reference to the past is in part with an eye to the future. This

Place between Robyn and Charli XCX

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