📑 Gender respect: how can we better engage boys and men?

Bookmarked Gender respect: how can we better engage boys and men? by By Amanda Keddie (aare.edu.au)

I have been working with my colleagues Doris Bartel and Maria Delaney to develop a framework that can help explore the intensities of feelings and emotions that arise when having difficult conversations about gender. This framework is based on the work of Sadar Anwaruddin, a researcher from the University of Toronto, Canada.

The framework could be used as a self-reflective tool to support educators or workers in this area and could be used when interacting with boys and young men who might be experiencing strong emotions in relation to difficult conversations about gender. We are all on a learning journey of gender transformation.

Amanda Keddie shares four pedagogical principles around four key questions designed to help dig into questions of emotions associated with gender:

  • Principle 1: Why do we feel what we feel?
  • Principle 2: How do we stand in the shoes of others?
  • Principle 3: How do particular emotions become attached to particular people, objects and ideas through everyday politics?
  • Principle 4: How can what we say and feel become what we do?

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