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So you’re playing a game. You’re playing a game when run a business. You’re playing a game when you run a project. You’re playing a game when you wake up in the morning and turn on the internet. The question we need to ask ourselves is, is this a game worth playing? Am I getting better at this game? Is this game helping the people around me? Am I glad I am playing this game?

Seth Godin discusses the many games that consume our lives. He encourages us to stop and consider all aspects of life, not just the explicit games. Being in the midst of the Spring Racing Carnival in Victoria, this is an interesting topic to consider. This reminds me of a comment from Tom Chatfield on RN Future Tense:

So in the broad sense you could almost go as far as saying things like Twitter or Facebook are a kind of very clever game because people have a profile which they care about, and they are constantly in the business of trying to make numbers go up, trying to get more followers, trying to get more likes, trying to get more tweets or re-tweets. They are comparing themselves to other people. Again, in Twitter there’s a sort of global scoring system where you can see where you are ranked. And there are these very playful dynamics as well whereby you are free to do anything you like within the rules of the game, within the magic circle there on screen. You can switch on, you can switch off, you can like, you can unlike, you can really indulge whimsy. So that’s one thing.

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