๐Ÿ“‘ Future of Learning Platforms

Bookmarked Future of Learning Platforms โ€“ Phil Komarny โ€“ Medium (Medium)

First letโ€™s acknowledge that the future is already here.

Phil Komarny provides an interesting take on ‘BYOD‘:

BYOD 2.0โ€Šโ€”โ€Šversion one of BYOD stood for Bring Your Own Device. In the 4th Industrial Revolution, the D will not stand for devices, it will stand for Data. The promise of distributed ledger technology has provided a way to deliver the learner a valid and trusted representation of their knowledge and understanding. This information that is currently housed in information systems with a registrar as the intermediary validating the credential is released to the learner to power their future in this global knowledge economy. This creates 1/2 of what Iโ€™m calling the Digital Rosetta Stone, one that will translate the wants and needs of industry to academia. Insuring that we have the necessary talent to power our futures.

This reminds me in part of Jim Groom’s discussion of Next Generation Digital Learning Environments:

In a worst case scenario, the NGDLE offers a way for institutions to more easily extract and share their learning communityโ€™s personal data with a wide range of sources, something that should deeply disturb us in the post-Snowden era. But the real kicker is, how do we get anyone to not only acknowledge this process of extraction and monetization (because I think folks have), but to actually feel empowered enough to even care.

I think that this is where IndieWeb and Domain of One’s Own is significant.

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