💬 Forgetting and then freaking out…

Replied to Forgetting and then freaking out… (Bianca Hewes)

So for me, that slip back into normal is probably the most worrying today. Why? Well, either today or some time this week we will find out kids are coming back full time. I’m the teacher who ALWAYS forgets to mark her roll. I mean, always. I’ll never move further up the ranks in the teacher career progression because I simply can’t do admin that disinterests me. In fact, I mostly can’t do anything that disinterests me. Yes, I’m a child. So how does that relate to kids returning? Basically, I’m just going to forget that COVID-19 ever happened (is happening?). I will feel horribly anxious each afternoon when I realise that I’ve gone through the whole school day and forgotten to keep my distance from students and colleagues. I will forget to wash my hands as often as a should, and I will forget to use hand sanitiser too. I’ll forget to wipe down keyboards and light-switches and the computer mouse and the desk. I know I will because I can’t even remember to mark a roll, or to check homework, or to hand out notes (you know the ones where people ask you to do them a favour and you say yes but then you forget?). Once I get into the classroom my entire focus is on the lesson and my class. That’s it.

Even if you cannot remember why you were writing, thank you for writing none the the less. I was really taken by your honest reflection of forgetting in the classroom. That is so true. I have long forgotten how many notes I forgot to handout.

There are times I really miss being in the classroom, but the thought of having to remember to continuously wipe everything down is a time when I stop and appreciate things, especially after reading Erin Bromage’s post on risks.

Stay safe.

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