๐ŸŽต Flood (Stella Donnelly)

Listened Flood, by Stella Donnelly from Stella Donnelly

11 track album

I really like how Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen captures Stella Donnelly’s album:

Flood is an album that requires patient and careful listening, peeling back the layers in each song to find the pulsing heart beneath. Thereโ€™s nothing as immediate as the songs on Donnellyโ€™s debut, but thatโ€™s not a bad thing โ€“ these 11 tracks ebb and flow like water, washing into and over one another to create a sense of something pure and boundless.

This feels like a different sort of COVID album, written while traversing around Australia.

Stella co-produced Flood alongside Jake Webb and Anna Laverty (whose award-winning CV features Camp Cope and Courtney Barnett), and opened up her co-writing credits with her touring band.

The more spontaneous process resulted in Stella trying on a lot of different personas. She ended up penning 43 tracks as she moved around the country mid-COVID, passing from Fremantle to Margaret River to Melbourne and beyond.

Place between Courtney Barnett and Megan Washington

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