🎡 Flood (Stella Donnelly)

Listened Flood, by Stella Donnelly from Stella Donnelly

11 track album

I really like how Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen captures Stella Donnelly’s album:

Flood is an album that requires patient and careful listening, peeling back the layers in each song to find the pulsing heart beneath. There’s nothing as immediate as the songs on Donnelly’s debut, but that’s not a bad thing – these 11 tracks ebb and flow like water, washing into and over one another to create a sense of something pure and boundless.

This feels like a different sort of COVID album, written while traversing around Australia.

Stella co-produced Flood alongside Jake Webb and Anna Laverty (whose award-winning CV features Camp Cope and Courtney Barnett), and opened up her co-writing credits with her touring band.

The more spontaneous process resulted in Stella trying on a lot of different personas. She ended up penning 43 tracks as she moved around the country mid-COVID, passing from Fremantle to Margaret River to Melbourne and beyond.

Place between Courtney Barnett and Megan Washington

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