🎧 Fatboy Slim’s dancefloor evergreens (Take 5)

Listened Fatboy Slim’s dancefloor evergreens from ABC Radio

Under the moniker Fatboy Slim the British producer and DJ has been making us dance for decades. His breakthrough album “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” gave us ‘Right Here Right Now’, ‘Gangster Trippin’, ‘The Rockafella Skank’, and of course ‘Praise You’. Twenty years ago that song came in at #4 in the Hottest 100, but his popularity has never waned, and when he visited Australia to play massive outdoor shows, I asked him to Take 5.

Norman’s background is textured; in the 80’s he was playing bass with The Housemartins, he had a hit with Beats International, and in 1996 was born again as Fatboy Slim. But at base level, he’s a fan. So I asked him to Take 5 with his “dancefloor evergreens”; the songs that never left his crate, that he always returned to. What I didn’t realise, is that Norman Cook was about to show us the musical blueprint of who he was today.

From the turning point of how he became a DJ, to late nights with British Big Beat legends, and where his musical head is at today, this is an incredibly rich convo with a helluva soundtrack.

Arthur Conley – ‘Sweet Soul Music’

The Clash – ‘Magnificent Seven’

Donna Summer – ‘I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix)’

J Walter Negro And The Loose Joints – ‘Shoot The Pump’

Underworld – ‘Rez’

Whether it be soul, disco, punk or competitive collaboration, it is interesting the different ingredients that led to the creation of You’ve Come a Long Way Baby and Norman Cook’s signature sound.

It started with punk rock, where you don’t have to be a musician to make a record.

I’d grown up listening to soul music for the dance groove.

Then we had hip hop and rap music.

You put all that together, and I ended up making records as Fatboy Slim, where all I do is basically take all my record collection, chop it up into small pieces, and take the bits that I need for certain grooves.(source)

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