📝 Familiar Voices and Easy Spaces

On the You Am I track, Good Morning, Tim Rogers famously sang,

Waking up is easy when you got a voice you know
Rattling up the ratings on the breakfast show
Waking up is easy when you got a voice you love
Telling you what’s out there
Is anyone out there?

The song was inspired by AM radio stations that Rogers would listen to in the morning while writing the album Hourly, Daily.

Often I wake up depressed, as people do, and I found it really comforting. I could see how you could get attached to it, instead of waking up with someone next to you.

Similarly, the weekend mornings have been made easier during Stage 4 restrictions with the familiar voice of Dylan Lewis. It feels like the weekend habits associated with the pandemic and staying at home have replaced what was the morning commute.

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