Facebook is NOT an RSS Reader

Facebook is a dominant space on the web, bringing people together in the one space. The problem with this is no-one knows exactly how it all works. Whereas an RSS feed will provide a summary, the Facebook feed is algorithmically curated. As Bryan Alexander explains:

Facebook is not an RSS reader.  Its front page displays updates from friends based on… we have little idea what reasons.  There’s software behind those display choices, a black box algorithm which picks or hides posts.  We can guess what works – my favorite theory is that the number of comments and likes are key – but ultimately cannot tell.  So I’ve missed posts from friends about weddings, deaths, international moves, major job changes, and who knows what else?  With RSS I can count on being able to see stuff.  I can also arrange feeds into whatever order I like, and into categorical folders.  Not so with Facebook. source

Critical look at Facebook Pages

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