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We are so lucky to live in an era where learning something new is always within our reach. Not just home repair, but new skills and new approaches to the way we think, learn, work, and play.

What are you currently trying to do that you couldn’t do before? How are you expanding your horizons?

I remember when I was growing up I would prize the guitar tabs that my music teacher would write out for me. Now, I search for the chords/tabs or watch various tutorials on YouTube, such as Brian Martin’s Easy Guitar Tutorials. Although I do not get the feedback that comes with having a teacher, it means that I can keep on learning.

This all reminds me of anywhere, anytime learning, as well as Amy Burvall’s focus on the power of the mobile device as the ultimate learning tool. It makes me wonder about the move to ban devices.

I am also left wondering if this penchant for learning when I want impedes deeper learning over time that sometimes comes through frustration with the unknown or ‘productive struggle‘.

Anyway, enough from me for now.

P.S. Enjoying your daily blogs David

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  1. Thanks Aaron, I linked to this in my post comments… no comment or notification?
    Also your ‘mobile device’ link is to Amy’s home page, not a specific post.

    Your idea that this easy access and penchant for learning could impede deeper learning is one I had not thought of, but is definitely worth considering. While on the one hand you can go down a deeper and deeper rabbit hole, you can also skim and follow tangents that only give you a shallow look at many different topics… And the easy access could make the learning itself shallow because the work of learning isn’t there to help make the new information stick.

    Glad you are enjoying the daily-ink:)

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