📑 Everything I’ve Learned about Being a “Professional” Writer in One Post

Bookmarked Everything I’ve Learned about Being a “Professional” Writer in One Post by Lincoln Michel (Counter Craft)

Last week there was a bizarrely contentious Twitter debate about whether MFA programs should offer professional advice to students or whether it should be a sacred space for art without the messiness of business. I won’t wade into all the threads, but I’m firmly on the side of publishing demystification. I always dedicate part of my MFA courses to answering student questions about submissions, agents, etc. Perhaps this is because I had to figure all of this out myself while so many writers around me seemed to have been passed all this knowledge in secret. I don’t mean that I’m not privileged, but just I didn’t have any family publishing connections or professional mentors or even know any authors growing up. I wish I’d gotten more of a professional education, from banal things like freelance taxes to general advice like how willing you have to be to promote your own work—did you know I have a SF novel called The Body Scout publishing on 09/21 that you can preorder today???—and so I figured I’d just write down everything I’ve learned here in the hope it helps someone else.

Lincoln Michel provides advice on being a professional, building a platform, freelancing, tax, submissions, agents and career building. It is one of those pieces that it is useful to come back to and reflect. An interesting read alongside Cory Doctorow’s reflection of publishing.

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