🎧 Episode 178: Caribou (Song Exploder)

Listened Episode 178: Caribou,Song Exploder | Caribou from Song Exploder

In this episode, Dan breaks down the song β€œHome.” He talks about how he managed to get past several moments of creative uncertainty to figure out the final track.

Dan Snaith talks about his track Home.

He unpacks the journey from a sample found on YouTube, the inspiration from a friend’s experience of refinding home and the challenge of finding a bridge for the song.

There were two aspects that stood out to me was. One was Snaith’s work with Keiran Hebron (FourTet) as a sounding board. This reminded me of Norman Cook’s discussion of the early days were he, the Chemical Brothers and Darren Emerson would often collaboratively complete:

So, I started hanging out and partying and DJing with people like The Chemical Brothers, and John Carter and Darren Emerson. On a Saturday night we’d play each other new tunes, then next week it would be in the charts.

It was a really weird thing where I was hanging out with other people, we were making records, they were getting released, and we were getting away with it. And we were all over the charts together. It was a wonderful thing.(source)

Another interesting observation from Snaith was the intent to regularly just make. This is not about a particular purpose or intent.

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