💬 EP 153 – 2020 Best of List (Chat 10 Looks 3)

Replied to EP 153 – 2020 Best of List (chat10looks3.com)

Trudging towards the end of 2020, Crabb and Sales come together one last time. Ordinarily this end-of-year reckoning would occur on stage at the ANU amid low-grade insults directed at vice-chancellor and Bundt-auteur Brian Schmidt, but as with many pleasurable events in 2020 it was binned. Screw you, 2020! With their remaining nanoparticles of neural capacity, the pair recap what they can remember of what they read, watched, cooked, and listened to in this plague year.

I have really enjoyed diving into Strong Songs on your recommendation this year. If you are looking for an artists reaction to the breakdown of their song, you might want to check out the Switched on Pop podcast. In particular, the episodes featuring Shea Diamond and Justin Tranter, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Tranter and Ian Kirkpatrick (on Selena Gomez), and FINNEAS.

One thing that I feel when the artist or original writer is present is that the conversation becomes about the process than the product.

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