๐Ÿ’ฌ Engaging with Technology

Replied to Technology isnโ€™t the problem by Greg Whitby (bluyonder.wordpress.com)
I believe the bigger question is how we as a society, respond to the seismic shifts happening. Since we canโ€™t ignore the digital age, we must find ways of navigating the new frontier including what we deem as acceptable and appropriate use at home, at work and at school. Banning mobile phones is not a solution, itโ€™s a reaction to the massive waves of ever-changing technologies. Thereโ€™s an air of anti-intellectualism in all of this โ€“ a fear of the new sciences that was just as evident in the time of Galileo.ย 
This is a useful provocation Greg for a wider discussion. To ‘ban’ mobile devices seems more convenient than embracing the opportunity. My only concern is that too often we embrace the smartphone without stopping to critique the implications for data, surveillance and commerical influence. The question that we need to ask is whether it is ethical and maybe start from there?

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