📺 Edward Snowden and Cory Doctorow on Permanent Record – Young Readers Edition 2/9/21

In association with the release of a Young Readers Edition of Permanent Record, Edward Snowden speaks with Cory Doctorow. One of the points to stand out was the importance of curiosity.

I say wait and take your shot when it counts right. I worked for the government and for many years I didn’t question what I was doing, I didn’t see anything that was truly meaningfully wrong. Over time, I encountered more and more rough edges on the system, more things that made me raise my eyebrow. I began to look and the more I looked the more I found, the more I found the more it affected me and eventually ultimately it changed me. I think that openness to inquiry is the most essential part, because we’re taught myths everywhere – Edward Snowden

It was interesting thinking about this alongside Tim Harford’s discussion of being curious when it comes to data.

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