🎧 Dylan Lewis’ iconic songs from the 90s (Take 5)

Listened Dylan Lewis’ iconic songs from the 90s from ABC Radio

If you were a teenager watching TV in the 90’s, then Recovery was like church. Every Saturday morning no matter what, you’d flop on the couch and watch this ramshackle live music TV show; three hours long, with characters like the Enforcer lurking about, shaky handheld camera shooting, and all hosted by an eyebrow ring bearing firecracker, called Dylan Lewis. It was the kind of loose TV we hadn’t seen since Countdown, and that was a show our parents watched anyway. This was ours. And it showed the bands we loved, putting on some of the wildest performances we’d ever seen. Recovery was one of the best surprise gigs Dylan Lewis ever got, and it changed the trajectory of his life. Over the course of this Take 5, you’ll be overtaken by the infectious joy of this iconic host, as he pulls back the curtain on a singular time in Australian music television.

Beastie Boys – ‘Professor Booty’

Kate Bush – ‘Lily’

Regurgitator – ‘F.S.O.’

Mr. Bungle – ‘Goodbye Sober Day’

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – ‘2 Kindsa Love/Flavor’ {Live on Recovery, 1997}

I like the use of ‘joy’ in describing this podcast with Dylan Lewis. As always, a little bit zany, but also very thoughtful. Love his recount of how even with his rash resume he got the job to host Recovery.

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